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I have been to Kobe and Osaka, in western Japan.

First, I want to show you photos of Kobe.



Shinkansen super-exp.


Japan's fastest train named "Shin-kan-sen" super-express.
I took this train from my hometown to Kobe.

Kobe is near Osaka, about 1.5 million residents are there.
Miho-san is said to be brought up near Kobe.

At Shin-Yokohama station.
 Full-Colored display is
 so beautiful...
Arrived at Shin-Kobe station.
It's like a train bound for Future..
Too long nose !



After reaching Kobe city, I hovered over KITANO area, at northern Kobe.
Kitano is famous for its beautiful scenery.
Many old-western-style houses are there.

Here are photos of Kitano, please take a look !



Landscape of Kitano


15 minutes' walk from super-exp. station will take us to such a calm place.

A chapel in the morning. A wedding hall. Main street of Kitano.
It's also a wedding hall.    




Slopes in Kitano


Kobe-city has many slopes and hills.
Especially, Kitano area is existed at the foot of a mountain.
Slopes in Kitano is somehow refined.

Central Kobe is over there.    




Roads in Kitano


An ordinary road.
But it's also somehow refined...





Moe-Gi House


An western house built in 1903.
Its wall is painted in light-green (in Japan, to say Moe-Gi color) .

A man was just playing an
A chess board is on the table.
A beautiful veranda !
A sunlit room. Teddy-Bear's sitting on a chair..  




Weather-cock House


It's also an old-western house built in 1909.
It seems to be the most popular old house in Kitano Area.
Many tourists came to this house from in the morning...

  Entrance. A lot of dolls !




Scaly House


This house is built in around 1910.
As it stands on top of a hill, view from the windows is very nice !

    View from upper floor.


Now we finish walking around Kitano Area, and let's go back to Central Kobe !



Hotel Okura Kobe


"Hotel Okura Kobe" is one of the popular hotels in Kobe.

I once heard, bellboys in this hotel have a good reputation.
I actually stayed one night, and felt bellboy's service was good indeed.
However,, hotel charges are a bit expensive, and it stands far from JR stations..

Port tower (left).   "Mosaic Mall" amusement park.
Elevator Hall. Mosaic Mall at night. A Ferris wheel in Mosaic Mall.




Appendix. ( Hiroshima )


After staying in Kobe, I went to Hiroshima-city to meet my friend.
Shinkansen super-express to Hiroshima was too crowded !
I stayed another night in Hiroshima.

" Ambitious Japan ! " So Crowded !! At a hotel in Hiroshima city.
"Breaking News" telop appeared !!
But it was only a local news~~


Then, go to Osaka next !